Tube Position

What is so important about the tube position?

Do you want to fight the deck all day either being pulled forward or back because you have a different seat position to the standard one?  It takes energy to keep pulling against the deck to stay in position and as you get tired you lose posture and your paddling goes to *%^&.  You're also wearing out your deck quicker.

If your seat position in your boat is not standard, you've moved your seat forward or back then to get the best deck so you can have a great day paddling - sit in your boat and get a friend to measure from the back lip of your cockpit to the centre of your back.  When you get to the ordering page, select Tube Position - Custom and place the measurement in the comments section on your order

What will it cost? $5.50. we will have to make it for you so expect up to a three week delay.  The end result will be fantastic, a comfortable ride where you spend all your energy on the paddle - and let's face it you're worth it!!




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