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Electric Water Spray Deck design and direction started when Russ started pushing the limits of his kayak and found that the kayak would do it but the deck wouldn't follow.  Russ revolutionised the spray deck industry coming out with a deck that didn't need implosion bars and would take you almost anywhere you wanted to go.  He really didn't like getting wet in his boat - and from that came invention - a deck that doesn't leak.

The design is also influenced by the Electric Water team paddlers, there are some you will know, like Russ and Anthony Yap, many are instructors, creekers, freestylers, sea kayakers, competitors and recreation paddlers. All of them have one thing in commn, they love paddling.  They want to be safe and the want to be conmfortbale in their boat.

The EW team test the decks to the max in the all conditions and in all types of craft, handmade boats, production, carbon, glass and wood.  Our team tell us what they want to in a deck and we work out how to deliver it and ensure the best product we can.  We also work with Australia's boutique kayak manufacturers to give them an all Australia product for their customer.

The result is EW Decks are constantly evolving with improvements to meet the increasing demands of the challenge!  The manufacturing process is strictly controlled to achieve the requirements, and we are proud to say we have set the standard - we are copied and imitated world wide but it is only the EW deck that really delivers!

Each Custom deck is lovingly made in Australia, using secret EW techniques developed over the years that have provided real paddlers with the deck which will see them through the challenge of the water they dare to do.

When you see someone with an EW deck, you know they are very serious about their paddling.

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