Surf kayaking?

We have developed a special deck just for surf kayaking.  A 3mm mid kevlar style deck has the flexibility required to withstand surf, the edge to withstand blade strike and a new style of tube - extra long and a different shape, this means when you ... (Read More)

Cumec Magazine Test & Review of Decks

Cumec Magazine recently took some Electric Water through their paces.  Click here to find out what they think.... (Read More)

Announcing the new Decks

After much reasearch and testing we are now ready to release a new fabric onto the market.  The new fabric goes around the edge of the deck in the same place as the kevalr and has tested particularly well.  The feedback we have received is that it ... (Read More)

Neoprene & Kevlar Prices Rise, Deck Prices Go Up!

With increased prices on all our materials the time has come to put up our prices. New stock of neoprene has arrived so we will hold our prices for orders placed until the end of July.  After that we will be introducing a new range of decks and pric... (Read More)

Monsoon Madness 2012 Official Video

Click here or go to our facbook page to see the offical video of Monsoon Madness 2012: The Australian National Whitewater Boatercross and Freestyle Championships... (Read More)

Surf Kayak Action in Santa Cruz - Aussies bring home Gold!

Congratulations to Darren Bossen of Random Surf Kayaks who took top honours in his age group at Santa Cruz last week.  Click here to see a video of the action... (Read More)

World Surf Kayaking Championships in Oz

For anyone who hasn't heard yet the World Surf Kayaking Championships are in Australia next year.  Just enough time to get into it and maybe compete in the Australian Team! Here is a video of the location near Maroochydore in Queensland.... (Read More)

Australian Boatcross Championships Video

click here to see the latest video from Monsoon Madness, featuringthe action from the Australian Boatcross Championships.  EW are proud to have been a sponsor of this event.... (Read More)

Monsoon Madness Video

For those of you who did not make it to Monsoon Madness click here to see a video of the fun.  We hope to see you there next year!... (Read More)

Found: Helmet camera on the Snowy

A helmet camera was found last week, below Gentle Annie, on the Snowy.  The camera is stuffed but the sd card has 11 video clips showing a young party of 7 kayakers, 1 in a yellow Prijon helmet. So if you know anyone who has paddled the snowy late... (Read More)

Bloody Big Swim - Paddlers needed

The bloody big swim is on 28 January, swimmers go from Frankston to Mornington 11.2 km and they all need a paddler to support them as well as a motor boat. If you and your friends think you would like a great fun day out on the bay helping people rai... (Read More)

Peak River Video

The Liquid K'os team headed off to the Peak River recently and if you click here you can view the video on the facebook page.  ... (Read More)

Eskimo Rolling

Have you always wanted to eskimo roll? or want to perfect the roll - in a nice warm pool?  Eskimo rolling practise and instruction is available to lucky Melbournians at the Don Tatnell Leisure Centre in Moorabin, the first Friday of each month.  Th... (Read More)

Hot video action!

Shane & Jarred have been out having fun in their kayaks at Flinders click here to see all the action!... (Read More)

The Creeking Season is off to a fine start!!

The boys headed to the Genoa and Cann Rivers to dust off the boats for the start of the creeking season and they had some fun!! Click here to see the video.... (Read More)

Competition time!

Do you want a new Electric Water spraydeck? If you have pictures of yourself putting one of our decks through its paces.  Send it in, ( we will post it in the gallery and on the Electric Water facebook page.  Votes and comment... (Read More)


At long last new the Electric Water website is up and running.. thanks for visiting and looking around.  Comments, send them to us or post them here.... (Read More)

Whitehorse Instructional trip

Whitehorse - Victoria's main whitewater paddlling club have held a highly successful instructional day on the Yarra.  The next trip is to the Mitchell River over the Queen's Birthday weekend, an annual event celebrated with a spit roast on the Satur... (Read More)