After much reasearch and testing we are now ready to release a new fabric onto the market.  The new fabric goes around the edge of the deck in the same place as the kevalr and has tested particularly well.  The feedback we have received is that it is easier to use, rescues are easier and it is prettier! (than the kevlar?)  we are still offering the kevlar you now have this fabric as an option.

We have also revised the design for the 3mm kevlar deck, the kevlar or new fabric goes from hip to hip around the front of the deck.

By popular demand we have bought back the double tunnel as an option so when you go to chose your deck you now have the choice of five types of tunnels, the regular fit, low fit, the surf style, multisfit and the double tunnel.

We would like to thank those who have worked with us to test and develop the new decks and products.