We have developed a special deck just for surf kayaking.  A 3mm mid kevlar style deck has the flexibility required to withstand surf, the edge to withstand blade strike and a new style of tube - extra long and a different shape, this means when you lean into the wave and edge the tube will stay in place.  This new tube combined with our unique decks mean no water in your kayak.   And what does that mean when you are surfing?  Longer time on the water, no lag time reaction as water slops around inside your boat and of course nice and comfy in the kayak.  This deck was designed and developed by us and tested (given a thorough thrashing) by world champion surf kayaking Darren Basson of Random Surf Kayaks.  So if you are heading up the the World Championships in Australia this July and want an edge then one of our decks may just get you over the line.